About Us

Why Choose Us

STE Solution focuses on aiming to add value to our customers’ business via its products, services and innovative solutions. Company has a diversified portfolio which are in electrical services being a startup company our focus is to give the customer the satisfaction of the services that they are desiring. The demand of customer is just limited to buying good product, they require services and quality of services where are limited to Annual Maintenance Contract.

We are working with the government bodies and residential bodies.


ST Energy Solutions is the complete solutions partner on your Solar Power journey. We help you from conceptualizing your solar investment to commissioning of the asset and its operations.

Solar System Performance monitoring

We are monitoring performance of your solar system time to time so that our customer can receive maximum benefits of the system.


Delivering a high quality solar power system is our top priority. Our quality control team’s unfailing focus in designing, procuring and executing according to defined processes &standards.

Operation & Maintenance SUPPORT

We have in house team of skilled solar O&M professionals who is monitoring all installed solar plants remotely/ Onsite as per requirements.


We are a skilled team who is working 24×7 for your support.


We are a Engineers team with good experience in solar field .We are passionate about renewable energy and continuously strive to bring cutting-edge technology.

See What We Have to Offer

Always Clean Energy

Absorb the sun’s rays for generating electricity.

Easy Installation

Enjoy the limitless power of solar technology at home.

Low Installation Costs

Save more than 20% on electricity bills.

Resilience & Durability

With solar panels, you will always have your own power.

Multiple Applications

Save the environment and secure energy for your home.

Renewable Energy

An energy source that can never be depleted.